innovateHER - a guided tour through the mind of a woman

how a guided tour through the mind of a woman can revitalize your business

The entire innovateHER program is, in essence, a guided tour through the mind of a woman - complete with a customized strategy for your business to reach HER. As a "sneak peak" of what's to come, here is "the quick tour of a woman's mind."


a woman's mind revealed (the "quick tour")

  • She is an intuitive global thinker…she takes a broad prospective (this means you may be tempted to focus on a few product features, while she wants to know how your products/services fit with her and her family's entire lifestyle)
  • She can think about many things simultaneously…making her a great multi-tasker (this is a powerful fact to remember when your sales staff is tempted to "talk her to death" - she's heard every word and probably has 10 questions for you)
  • She is relational in her thinking…collaboration is important (she wants to collaborate with you - guided by your expertise, not overpowered by your personal preferences)
  • She thinks by recalling events, people and experiences…and uses these in problem solving (use stories to illustrate your point and ask the right questions to prompt more feedback from her, based on her past experiences both good and bad)

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