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InnovateHer will become your Chief Innovative Partner. Here's how it works...

Step oneFREE CONSULTATION: Schedule a free “getting to know each other” meeting. innovateHER will learn about your business, the competitive climate, your challenges, your strengths and more. You will discover how innovateHER's unique approach to research, marketing and empowerment can start to benefit your organization right away!

Step two—“Sitting in” session with decision-makers: Participate in an open discussion regarding your business, corporate goals, and personal goals.

Step threeIdeas: innovateHER will present a written proposal customized to your business, complete with estimated investment and agreement.

Step fourStrategy: Upon your signing the agreement, a written plan and timeline for what we want to accomplish is created.

Step fiveNarrative Inquiry: Innovative process begins with research with your current clients and those who fit your prospective client profile.

Step sixMarketing: Based on research in previous step, your unique marketing strategy will be finalized and implemented.

Step seven - Empowerment: We will interpret the research specifically for your company, define specific areas for change and give clear direction...along with providing tools to make change happen through each staff member.

Step EIGHT Evaluation: You will receive weekly updates and a monthly summary (to evaluate progress and revise strategy as needed).

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If you are not constantly looking for ways to innovate, your leadership within your industry will fade away.

If you don’t understand what your customers are asking for, then you may not delight them.

Make plans to start reaching HER now and transform your business today!


tour the mind of a woman

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