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Condordia - omaha, NE

InnovateHer has been working with Condorida for two years - with the central goal to raise awareness in the community and increase enrollment.

THE RESEARCH: We began with "narrative inquiry" with a focus groups of faculty, parents and students. The core strengths of Concordia became quickly clear:

  • the students found the teachers and administration both to be incredibly personable and caring, while able to challenge each student effectively
  • student SAT scores were exceptionally high and college enrollment was at 99%
  • almost every class successfully incorporated Christian principles, while encouraging questions and avoiding a dry religious atmosphere

THE MARKETING: These strengths became the "competitive advantages" that were at the core of our marketing, and we developed three new vision statements...refreshingly personal, academically rigorous, seriously Christian.

Built on solid research based on the unique aspects of our client, please see marketing examples below...



Concordia wanted to get the word out that it was time to register for the upcoming school year. The billboard was designed to showcase registration and the website. We received great feedback!


We developed postcards for a variety of events. We purchased a list and merged it with our own database. This postcard got the word out that the Academy was moving to a new location and they were hosting an open house for families to attend to “scope out” the new facilities. The turnout was better than anticipated. We sent out 3,000 postcards.We also created a poster version for churches (see below).


We developed this poster to invite families that are interested in sending their children to Concordia, inviting them to an informational meeting and tour. The poster was displayed in churches as an invitation to the event. Outcome…many attended the Open House and a large number of new students enrolled.

Plant sale

The annual plant sale is one of the main fundraisers for the school. This outdoor banner was designed to remind school families to attend the sale and also invite others from the community. Attendence and funds raised was highly successful.


These brochures were created to handout throughout the year. Over 2,000 were handed out, and since we used POD (print on demand), we were able to change out photos and text to keep the brochure fresh and timely. Brochures were printed for both the Academy and the JR/SR High School.

Pocket Folder

Concordia needed a professional folder to hold all typed of information for prospective parents, donors, vendors and interested individuals. The cover of the pocket folder was simple, but photos of kids and the three vision statements made it personal and unforgettable.

Sponsor signs

Placed on fence surrounding the football field, the 4x8 signs was a great place to sell sponsorships. 4x6 signs were also created to place high on the gym walls. Another way to bring in sponsorships to the school.


Sign up to win

Kids Explore was an event for preschool and elementary children. We had a booth and encouraged families to sign up to win an ipod shuffle. We were able to collect names, mail addresses and email addresses. We sent a mailing to over 200 families inviting them to tour the school.



We placed this ad in the printed brochure of a local expo. The brochures were given out to about 10,000 attendees.


Omaha World Herald ad

We advertised several times during the year in Omaha's largest newspaper, focusing on specific events. It was a good way to reach over 200.000+ eyeballs.



We advertised several times in one of Omaha's local Christian newspapers. It was a good way to reach our target audience of Christian parents.


Banner stands

We createad these full-color banners for events and shows. They are 33x80 and very impressive. We were able to find a very inexpensive, high quality banner product. It is very light and easy to put up.


need .pdf file


What better way to advertise a school than with bookmarks? By printing on both sides of the card, we were able to explain the Concordia experience and the Concordia difference. We have given away over a thousand bookmarks at all church and school events. We put one by each place at the annual gala (over 500). It is advertising you can’t throw away!



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