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Meet Linda Reimer - YOUR CIP

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  • Publisher and Editor
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  • Change Agent
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Selling and Acquiring Companies

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If you are not constantly looking for ways to innovate, your leadership in your industry will fade away. If you don’t understand what your customers are asking for, then you may not delight them.

Innovation has always been a part of my life. It is like breathing to me.

Linda Reimer

Interview with Linda

"How have you incorporated innovation throughout your life?"

1) I had a retail craft store and produced the products from my home. Since I did not have an office or workroom, so I took the doors off the closet and made a work alcove. I successfully worked out of the alcove for several years and was profitable. It taught me that innovation does not need to cost a lot, but it is looking at what you have in a new way.

2) Directing a preschool for over 20 years could have become predictable, but that is not in my DNA. I love change and was constantly finding new ways to present the same materials. The preschool was very successful, and we filled each class by word-of-mouth. I learned that innovation keeps you ahead of the competition, and clients will seek you out.

3) Publishing a magazine is always a challenge, especially when the climate in publishing is not favorable. I found a niche market, women, and started a magazine just for HER. It was successful and women were empowered by what they read. Even though I was not encouraged to make this bold move, I followed my instincts and followed through. Innovation is not for the faint of heart…it takes courage.

4) The downturn in the economy has affected many businesses. As president of a national company, we were no exception. Finding a way to set ourselves apart, developing new products and starting a new division, kept us in the game. I learned that innovation helps you become remarkable and becoming remarkable sets you apart from the competition.

5) At the core of everything I have done in my life is learning. Every day I take time to learn; I read newspapers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, and more. It keeps me in the game. It expands my world. It helps me be creative. Innovation comes from learning.



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